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Actefact is a focus management platform that makes knowledge workers more productive and satisfied

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We combine psychology and neuroscience to turn work into adventure.

Start feeling more excitement and satisfaction from your achievements.

Evenings are for planning

Make a detailed plan for tomorrow. Improve your energy levels and become more productive. This will lower your stress and remove anxiety.

Rule of Three Elephants

You should select three critical, high priority tasks that require maximum focus and concentration. Distance yourself from minor tasks and other distractions such as emails, non-essentia phone calls and chats.

“When you’re hunting elephants, don’t get distracted by chasing rabbits.”

T. Boone Pickens

Kill the task

Complete all your critical tasks by the end of the day. By doing so, you will feel much more satisfied with the work you’ve done.

Your personal assistant

Stay on track as well as complete critical tasks quickly and effectively


Every morning you will receive a to-do list for the day as well as reminders about important deadlines and overdue activities.

Progress reports

Our platform generates visual progress reports and notifies all users involved in the overall project or process


Sends encouragement notifications to keep you motivated

Ari Aaltonen
CEO at Lighthouse Solutions

Every evening, at the end of the working day, I plan my activities for tomorrow. After that, I forget or at least try to forget about everything work related. For the rest of the evening, I am spending time with my family, my hobbies and personal interests. I don’t think about work anymore because I know that in the morning my Actefact assistant will send me a list of what I have to do today, as well as the information on project deadlines or delays.

It helps me structure my thinking and tune into a productive day right from the get-go

Workflow visualization

Actefact helps you to visualize any task in hand

Simplify complexity

When a complex project is separated into manageable parts, every task becomes simpler and easier to achieve. Thanks to Actefact visualisation of the workflow, you can better understand the current state of the project as well as core contributors, stages, and deadlines.


Visualization helps you focus on crucial tasks and prevents the loss of focus. With Actefact, you see personal contribution to overall team objectives and get the motivation to complete tasks within given time.

Managing team’s focus

When conditions change, Actefact helps managers to review and adjust the plan using workflow visualization. Managers can monitor and understand what activities the team is focusing on and what key tasks are outstanding in real-time. Actefact workflow is often used in weekly team meetings to review what has been done, how the situation has changed, and what adjustments are needed. Thanks to Actefact, you can re-prioritize and re-allocate tasks within the team. As a result, all team members clearly understand their functions as part of the overall team objectives.

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